Will you cop a male to breed yourself?

Will you sell the breeding certificate to the highest bidder for your offspring?

Monogamy? Polygamy? It's all in your hands now!

Next breeding certificate price: 0.022 ETH

(This is manually updated and might be out-of-date; check our discord for the most recent info)

Here's the thing about letting aliens and other beings breed at our S.H.A.C.K. headquarters: It takes up space and resources. With Pamela moving the archive to an infinite space on Floor 69 we gained a little wiggle room, but it looks like we have to control breeding somehow before we get overrun by little Baby Shackers. Therefore we introduce breeding certificates that allow controlled reproduction in our facilities.




4 steps to your happy family

A Shacker lady can have one or many kids, but she needs to get a breeding certificate first; and a male, but those are plentiful ;)

(1) Get a certificate

First one is free for your lady. More certificates can be bought up to the maximum amount of kids a lady can have.

(2) Request in discord

A male with a certificate can breed offspring. The lady gives consent to the certificate holder, so they don't need to be in the same wallet.

(3) Name the kid

Close to due date you will be able to see the kid and give it a name as well as its favorite food.

(4) Burn the certificate

When the baby is due, it will be airdropped into the wallet that burned the certificate.

The Details

We designed this system to give everyone a chance to their offspring. Collectors of female Shackers can decide whether to breed themselves or sell/transfer their consent to collectors of a male Shacker.

  • How many kids a lady can have varies from 1-3 and more in rare cases. The average is expected around 2.5 kids.

  • The maximum number of kids is UNKNOWN at first and can be revealed via a medical examination (== requesting the first certificate).

  • The first breeding certificate is generously offered for free. You still have to request it in our discord.

  • Certificates after the first one (if your female can have more than 1 kid) will cost a fee. Every time a certificate is issued, the fee is raised by 0.002 ETH.

  • A Shacker lady can only have one certificate issued at a time. Birthing a kid will allow to get the next certificate.

  • A baby shacker will be delivered a few days after the request.

  • Certificates can be traded freely. They imply the grand from S.H.A.C.K. and also the consent by the female. (read more below)

  • To finally receive the kid, you need to burn the certificate by sending it to the BurnAddress 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead . This can be done _after_ you had a good look at the kid and named it. Burning the certificate is the last step to get the baby airdropped into your wallet.

Trading certificates

Certificates can be traded freely and ultimately represent the grant to get a Shacker kid with the female that issued it. There are a few interesting opportunities for trading certificates:

  • Sell/Auction an unused certificate to grant someone the right to reproduce with your female

  • Use some certificates yourself, sell some.

  • Trade a certificate once the kid is about to be born. You can show off the kid and the new owner still gets to name the kid and decide on its favorite food


You have one female and one male in your wallet

Get a certificate and request a kid in the #❤breeding channel in our Discord. Note the Shackers to pair and your wallet address.

You have a male Shacker and want to pair it with a certain female Shacker

  1. Try to buy the female Shacker on the secondary market. Make sure to check our website to see how many kids she can still have.

  2. OR ask the owner to sell you a breeding certificate; using that together with your male you can request a kid.