The S.H.A.C.K.
Logtime: d-00

We are The S.H.A.C.K. (Safe House of Alien Culture & Knowledge), a secret organization entrusted by governments around the globe to contain dangerous entities and protect the Earth. It all started billions of years from now with a God called the The Ancient One. The ancient one is the creator of the world as we know it, he creates life but also destroys it, he's never satisfied with his work and keeps on demolishing everything he's making after a while. The planets concept was a success he was happy with, the playground was now ready, he then tried to create entities to live on those planets. The first creation he was finally proud of was ETH, his son, he kept ETH with him instead of sending him to one of his Planets. His ultimate goal is to create the perfect form of life, that would never feel negative feelings like fear, pain, sadness, despair... One day The Ancient One started to notice some of those emotions in his son's eyes, and decided to abandon him, without destroying him, that was the first time The Ancient One spared a life, all the time he previously spent with his son prevented him to do this horrible thing to him.

HTE, abandoned, not being loved by a father too busy creating and destroying life, created its own people to love him... the Demons, he wanted to create only one kind of entity, The Originals, they would be perfect, but the amount of energy and despair was so immense that other entities were created in the same moment in the process by residual energy, all of them got sent to the planet Htrae, our world, now called Earth. HTE's residual energy created entities that could feel and express negative feelings and never be really happy. The Ancient One won't allow anyone else than him to create life, especially not his now failing son. HTE never got forgiven and got killed by the hands of his own father... The Ancient One then, went after The Demons created by his son to destroy them and rebalance the universe, those undesirable entities prevented him to build his own vision of what life should be. The Ancient One went on a rampage to destroy all the civilizations of Demons in existence, this is when The Demons created The Oracle Army, to defend themselves. A giant war started, called The Great Oracle War, named this way in tribute to The Oracle civilization who had seen in the future The Ancient One's invasion and got prepared to fight him.

The fight lasted 420 years,
The Ancient One started to loose energy, he needed a safe place to rest for million of years, he created a portal to go into the futur. Once arrived, he dug a gigantic hole on Earth, reaching the core of the planet, where he's resting since then. When The Ancient One went into his portal, The 100, a special force of 100 Demons, specially trained to the ultimate operation that could save the entire Demon's world, ran after him and jumped ,under the wire, into the portal too, a few of them missed their entrance in the portal though, compromising their plan. When The Ancient One arrived on Earth, he had the time to rest, because the way the time works in the portal is different, millions of years in our world is worth seconds in the portal, what explained why The Demons arrived on Earth so late and while The Ancient One was sleeping. In the meantime Human kind, the only kind of entity remaining on Earth, discovered The Hole and The Ancient One, created The S.H.A.C.K. on top of The Ancient One, recovering The Hole.

In the beginning,
The S.H.A.C.K. has been created to study The Ancient One, then The Demons started to arrive in our world, via the portal still open, after millions of year of existence the portal got covered by layers and layers of soil, it is located on our Floor B1. The Demons arrived at The S.H.A.C.K. one by one, S.H.A.C.K.E.R. #1 who seems to be the leader of The 100 Army, arrived before the others, which gave us years to plan the arrival of the other ones, based on all of our answers we got from him, he trusted us and felt comfortable with us for some reason... We built cells in Cryptonium (the material is based on The Ancient One's nails that he lost while digging the Hole to Earth core). Before becoming a prison we were "only" studying The Ancient One. We only found one small scratch on him, after 420 years of battle... It’s continually bleeding though, we studied his blood and what we found out about it is amazing... Then when the rest of The Demons arrived we managed to capture them and put them in cells, they are planning on escaping their cells to go downstairs and kill The Ancient One by using the Fusion Ritual together...